What are your candles made from?

Burn Down For What® candles are made from all-natural soy wax, cotton wicks (with zinc cores) and fragrance oils.  All candles are hand poured and handmade in Richmond, VA.


How long do the candles and diffusers last?

8 oz. tins: average burn time is 26-28 hours

14.5 oz. glass bowls:  average burn time is 36-40 hours

Reed diffusers: smell lasts for up to 3 months (even longer when you reverse the reeds)


What is your shipping policy?

Burn Down For What® will ship anywhere in the continental United States using either USPS or FedEX (whichever is most cost efficient and speedier).  Shipping rates are dependent on size of order and shipping location and will be added to your purchase total.


What if I am a Richmond local and want to pick up my purchases rather than have them shipped?

No problem!  You can swing by my studio on selected "pick up days" to avoid all shipping fees.


Any other questions?

Email me at orders@burndownforwhatcandles.com for any additional question, concerns or love notes.